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Improving Sustainable Employability

State-of-the-art organizational support tool that guards the employees mental wellbeing reliably.

Built for Employees

  • Create insights in the wellbeing of employees

  • Give employees the tools to improve their behaviour

Track Improvement

  • Track improvement in wellbeing of employees over time

  • Measure the effect of wellbeing interventions


  • Minimal input from the user required

  • Privacy by design

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Join Our Research

Currently, we are doing a study to determine the accuracy of our models in a work environment. For this research, we are looking for companies or departments that want to participate. During this research we will provide the following:

  • Each individual participant gets insights into their concentration, flow and relaxation levels over the period of the research

  • A global analysis of the participants in the study, this information can not be traced to any single person.

  • Interaction with the latest technology to detect stress

  • Free use of Work&Move wellbeing software by Bakker Elkhuizen

Is your company or department interested in joining our research? Click the button to get in contact with us!

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