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Using state-of-the-art ML models, we translate the typing behavior and mouse movements into statistics about someone’s mental well-being. This makes how a user feels objective and quantifiable on a scale that was previously only possible if you hired an entire army of psychologist and doctors.

Strong authentication doesn’t need to come at the cost of privacy or user experience. The way we type and use our mouse can be used as a behavioural


What is keystroke dynamics?

Keystroke dynamics is the science behind the unique traits present in the keys pressed while typing. Mouse dynamics can be added to increase the number of features that can be measured.

In typing we use the following data:

  • Time between key presses

  • Duration of a key press


In mouse dynamics the following metrics are used among others:

  • Velocity

  • Mouse clicks frequency


By analyzing typing behaviour over a short period of time these keystrokes can be used to determine the authenticity of a user.

When keystrokes of an individual are measured over a longer period of time the slight deviations reflect the levels of stress and correlated symptoms.